Review is an online reputation management services company that was formerly known as merely ReputationDefender but the company has expanded its range of services to offer greater protection.

The company partners with a number of top companies and organizations including AOL and the American Medical Association.  It also has received media coverage in a number of news sources including the The New York Times, FOX News, and the Wall Street Journal.  It also has won an award for Innovation in Business from the World Economic Forum.  The founder and CEO of the company is Michael Fertik.  They currently serve customers in over 100 different countries around the world.  The company’s website is at and has been in a busy for only a few years as it is is a relatively new company.  The company’s focus is on a brand new niche that is expected to grow exponential in the near future. Services

The company’s services tend to focus on four main objectives:

1.       They find and remove personal information from sites that sell that information.

2.       Help create a positive online image that the customer controls.

3.       Provide defenses against attacks, rumors, and distortions online.

4.       Provide ongoing internet monitoring for customers.

These objectives are carried out by three main services for people: MyPrivacy, MyReputation Discovery, and MyReputation.  They also have one service specificall for businesses called Reputation Defender.


They have a service called MyPrivacy that helps protect your private information from identity thiefs, scammers and spammers.  It does this by helping block the release of your private information.  This service uses an automated system that monitors and removes sensitive information.  In addition, a simple interface can be used by the customer to see what a person’s exposure is.  As for cost, the standard MyPrivacy search and protection service is $9.95 per month.  There is also a MyPrivacy Plus service that is $12.95 per month.

My Reputation

This service helps you understand who is searching for you or your business.  It also works to build up a positive image on the web.  This is done by creatin a website with your name as the domain name.  In addition, a custom biography is created and this is placed on a number of different sites.  They offer three different options where the main difference is the number of biographies created and how many different sites it is posted to.  The cost of these three services (Starter, Director and VP) is $129 per year, $399 per year, and $699 per year respectively.

MyReputation Discovery

This service works to actively seek out any mentioning of your name on the web.  This uses proprietary information to help gather this information.  It looks at the internet and also what is called the “Invisible Web” which is information that is less readily noticeable.  Once this information is found, they also offer destroy services to help remove this information.  They currently offer a subscription service of $14.95 per month for the whole discovery and destroy service.

Reputation Defender

This service is for businesses and is designed to help control how the business looks on the web.  This is done through a number of ways including creating positive image sites for your business and also active promotion of positive PR stories.  These efforts also work to limit the sting out of any negative stories that exist.  You can contact the company to help them create a packaged service that best fits your company’s needs.


  • Frees you up to focus on your life or business.
  • Proactive action to safeguard your personal or business reputation on the Internet.
  • Quick and Easy service to use and monitor for review of performance.


  • Pay small fee for this service.

***For more information on this company’s services or to purchase their service, click on the following link: Reputation.***


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